simple cheesecake-recipes

Mini-Cheesecakes That Everyone Can Bake

simple cheesecake-recipes

You don't have to be an expert baker to create these creamy wonders.  Being about the size of regular muffins, these miniature cheesecakes are excellent for a party.  My favorite part is that they freeze so well, you don't have to share them if you don't want to.
Oh! And they are sinful to eat frozen, like eating a cheesecake popsicle.  I KNOW you want one now!

The idea to build these miniature cheesecakes came from my friend, Kelly of Sass & Veracity.  The decadent cheesecake filling recipe comes out of a very trusted book, Cookwise by Shirley O. Corriher.  If you ever watched Good Eats with Alton Brown, Shirley was the guest food scientist on the show.  Let's get down to business.


This recipe will make A BUNCH of muffin size cheesecakes, about 36 to 45.


  • 14 ginger snap cookies
  • 3 tablespoons butter, melted
  • nonstick cooking spray


  • 2 packages (8 ounces each) cream cheese
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 3 large eggs
  • 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 3 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 3 cups sour cream


  • fresh strawberry jam
  • fresh whipped cream

Crush the ginger snap cookies in a plastic bag with a rolling pin or in the food processor with a steel knife.  Stir together the cookies and melted butter in a medium mixing bowl.  Line the bottom of each muffin cup with foil baking liners. Spritz each liner with nonstick spray and press 1-heaping tablespoon into each cup.

Paper liners work, too, but look oily after baking.  If you're making these for a special occasion, then use foil liners.


Blend the cream cheese and sugar well in a large mixing bowl with a beater.  Be sure to get out all the lumps at this stage.  Add the eggs, one at a time, and blend well after each addition.  Add the vanilla, salt, and lemon juice.  Blend well.  Blend in the sour cream.  Fill each muffin cup 3/4 full.  Store extra batter in fridge while cheesecakes bake.

Put the muffin pan on the middle rack and bake for 10 minutes. The cheesecakes may not look done and may have a wiggle in the center.  Have faith.  Remove pan from oven and allow to set and cool for 5 minutes.

cheesecake-treats-baked on

Warm strawberry jam in the microwave until it's loose enough to spread, but not runny.  Carefully spread a teaspoonful of jam over each cheesecake.


Lift each cheesecake out of the pan and onto a sheet pan.  Put the sheet pan of cheesecakes in the freezer until frozen solid.


Set out 15 minutes before serving, top each miniature cheesecake with fresh whipped cream.

simple cheesecake-recipes

  • What a cute idea! Those look like so much fun!

  • Yum, yum, yum Jill. I love me some good cheesecake and these little things are dangerous because you can pop one after the other right into your mouth. Great party food. 🙂

    • Yea, Kelly, “dangerous” is the perfect word to describe these. It’s so easy to open up the freezer and snag one out before anyone follows me into the kitchen.

      I made these for my Aunt’s second 25th birthday party. They were a BIG HIT. I made muffin size and mini-muffin size. Folks loved having a choice on which size they wanted to eat. (They ended up eating both sizes, eventually.)

  • Jessica

    Hi Jill,
    I love your website! Tried the chicken and veggie soup and it was delicious, and SO EASY, thank you!
    Quick Question: if I want to cut the recipe in half or less (i love cheesecake, but i live by myself and don’t want to inhale 36 servings of cheesecake) can i directly divide the ingredients? i also don’t have a cupcake tin so can i make it in a glass dish instead?
    Thanks in advance for the advice!

    • Good morning Jessica!

      I don’t know of any reason why you couldn’t divide this recipe. It looks easy enough to do. When it comes time to divide the egg, beat the egg first, then divide it in half. And as for baking this cheesecake in a glass dish that should work out fine. Be sure to grease the dish generously with butter or a non-stick spray.

      Now remember, cheesecake freezes very well. So for any amount that you’re not ready to eat right away, freeze it. First by dividing the leftovers into portions, separate the portions onto a sheet or in the same dish, place in the freeze until frozen solid. Check after an hour. Remove the portions from the freezers and individually wrap them with a layer of wax paper, then a layer of foil. Label it with the date and name, and put it back in the freezer. You can treat yourself to cheesecake when you feel the need without having to feel guilty about eating it up all in one week.

  • Jessica R.

    When one speaks of making cheesecake, it’s almost as if a ghost has just entered the room. It’s been said to be extremely difficult and you have to make it a million times before perfection can ever be achieved. I’ve been told by many that it is almost impossible to do and usually results in a collapsed, cracked, or dry cake…. NOT THIS TIME! This was my first time EVER making cheesecake and it was SO easy… all thanks to you! I’ve been wanting to try to make cheesecake for the longest time and when I came across your recipe, I decided to strap on my britches and take it for a spin. To my amazement it was incredibly easy AND delicious!

    BTW… the only thing I did differently was put a pan of water in the oven when baking (a tip I got from the inside of the cream cheese box, lol) and I made a simple syrup with whole strawberries instead of jam 😉

    Oh, and before I forget… I’m completely obsessed with baking bread… another thanks to you! Your recipes really are “Simple Daily Recipes.”


    • Oh Jessica, you’re so sweet to say all that, THANK YOU!

      I know just how you feel about baking cheesecakes. For years, I never bothered with them because it seemed one had to be a master chef to get one right. I’m not a master chef, but a practical home cook. I read through enough recipes to get an understanding of what not to do and then I went for it.

      And as for baking bread, GIRL! I’ve got a bucket of Challah dough in my icebox right now. The recipe is from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. I’m planning on making a batch of beignets along with a pan of caramel sticky buns. Pure heaven. I CAN’T WAIT!

  • Oooohhh! This looks amazing! Perfect for our big family Christmas party.

    • Hi Teresa! How are you?!
      These little cheesecakes are worth the extra effort. I just made a batch a last week for a small dinner party. I put all the leftovers in the freezer. Last night, I cooked up a cup of blueberries to make a syrupy jam and poured it over the plain frozen cheesecakes. Then, I topped them with some thawed whipped cream I had on hand.
      My husband licked his dessert plate clean. I kid you not.

  • Oh yeah! I’m all about the blueberries lately. 🙂 I’m finally back to cooking and blogging. Been trying to catch up on all my favorite blogs. This recipe is definitely on the top of my To Do list. I mean, it’s really my duty to try it out before the party, isn’t it? 😉

    • It’s an absolute MUST, Teresa. Every good cook should test recipes before serving them for a party. It’s one thing to turn our immediate loved ones into guinea pigs, but never a whole crowd of folks that may not be familiar with our cooking. Besides, it’s too stressful to try new recipes when there’s so many other things to consider for a party. “Go with what you know.” That’s what I always tell myself when planning a shin-dig.

      I’m glad your back in the swing of things.

  • Jennifer

    I have been looking all over to find out how early I can bake mini cheesecakes. I need to make 200 for a wedding next weekend. I really dont have room in my freezer though. How do you think they would do in the fridge for a few days? I am worried about the foil cup pulling away from the sides.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      They’ll be just fine in the refrigerator and don’t worry about the foil cup. I recommend you turn your fridge temperature down to a colder setting to keep them firm for the ride to the wedding. Whatever happens during the building process, don’t run out of foil cups and try to improvise. Paper liners won’t hold up as well. Trust me on this one.
      Let me know how things work out for you!

  • Hi! Do you have to wrap them up when you put them in the freezer or can they just sit in there in their muffin liner? 🙂 Im excited to make these!

    • Hi Analicia,
      I froze mine in the pan. Once they were hard, I moved them to a freezer container to protect from other freezer odors. These cheesecakes are so good. I hope you like them as much as I do. Let me know how they turn out for you. ;D

  • Tonya

    these look delicious! Jill do you think that the sugar can be substituted for agave nectar, honey or any other natural sweetener?

    • Hi Tonya, I don’t believe we could get the same texture in the batter using a liquid sweetener. Honestly, I’ve never tried to substitute the sugar.
      I don’t believe sugar is the bad girl in the world of sweeteners. Besides, this recipe only calls for 1 cup sugar. It’s not an overly sweet dessert to start out with. Try it as directed, first, to make an initial judgment, then make adjustments the next time around. You may not want to change a thing. 😀

  • Sally

    What types of jam or preserves work best for freezing?

    • Good question, Sally! Do you mean what brands of jam or preserves work best? That I don’t know. I put up my own. My guess is that they would all work fine.

      If you look at the ingredients on the back label, the general brands are all made with the same.

  • Marsha Thalin

    Made these for a wedding. They were FANTASTIC. Even made a larger heartshaped cake for the bridal couple. Instead of the strawberry jam I made a raspberry jelly. This is now going to be the recipe I use when it is time for cheesecake again.

  • Jasmin

    How much sugar in grams did u use for tis recipe? I’m planning on making it for my house warming party tis weekend. They r adorable.

  • lambchop

    I don’t have sour cream, can I use double or single cream?

  • Elizabeth

    Hi how big are the ginger snap cookies you used? I have seen large cookies and small almost nilla wafer size ginger snaps also. Or is there a measurement of the post crushed cookies? Thanks!

  • Sue

    This recipe did not work well at all even though I followed the recipe exactly. After 10 minutes of baking, then sitting for a few minutes they were still gooey. I baked them a few more minutes but they caved in a lot as they cooled and looked pretty sad. These don’t taste too bad just turned out rather odd.

    In the end we gave up making cheesecakes and baked the rest of the filling in a dish to use for…something. Having to retry with a different recipe.