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Roasted Chicken Breasts

I’ve been watching so much Barefoot Contessa on TV. I decided to copy her roasted chicken technique. It’s so simple, I had to make it. I admit it! I get in cooking routines and forget to try something new.

Now, this ‘technique’ is not new to the cooking world, it’s just new to me and maybe you, too. It’s new for me, because I usually cook my chicken in a stock pot with veggies and herbs, so I can have chicken broth as well. However, Ina’s right about roasted chicken verses the stock pot method, roasted chicken has a better flavor. I noticed it more in the quality of the leftover chicken that was eaten the next day. The roasted chicken retained it’s roasted flavor.


  • 4 chicken breasts with skin & bones
  • olive oil
  • coarse salt & pepper

Preheat oven 350ºF degrees.

On a baking sheet covered with heavy duty foil, drizzle and coat breasts with olive oil.  Season with salt and pepper on both sides. Bake uncovered for 35 to 40 minutes.  Remove skin, then cut up or shred chicken as needed for your recipes.

Side note: If you bought skinless breasts, simple cover with foil so the meat does not dry out.

This is a BIG time saver for me.  I roast the chicken in the morning, let it cool, then divide it up.  I store extra roasted chicken in thick freezer bags to use for future meals:

If you’re interested in more of Barefoot Contessa recipes, Barefoot Contessa at Home has a great collection. I highly recommend adding this book to your library.

Barefoot Contessa at Home

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  • Chris

    I prefer roasting chicken to boiling myself, though when I roast I add a little broth to the roasting pan. I think I do it out of habit and the fear of dried chicken.

  • Jill

    I worry about drying out the chicken, too. Covering it loosely with foil eliminates that problem.

    My Memaw ALWAYS baked chicken in roasting bags, then she would pour off the juices to use for some other dish. (It was an easy clean up tool, too.)

  • Gary

    We want to roast 2 oven bags with about 10 chicken breasts in each bag for a banquet. How do we figure the cooking time on this?

    • Jill

      I sent your question directly to Reynolds, because I didn’t want to give you the wrong info.

      Here’s what Reynolds says:

      Dear Jill:

      Thank you for your inquiry regarding Reynolds® Oven Bags. You should use a turkey size oven bag so you can spread out the chicken breasts in an even layer. They should not be stacked on top of each other so they will get done.

      Bake them at 350 degrees, the time is going the determined by the size of your chicken breasts. Start checking doneness at about 45 minutes, it may take up to 1 hour. The internal temperature should be 170 degrees.

      Please let us know if we can be of future assistance.

      Betty, Reynolds Consumer Response
      Ref # 875966

  • Mark Boxshus

    Hey Jill

    Mighty long time no talk. How are you and the family? I miss stopping by here. Multiple physical issues have kept me away from cooking and blogging, but I’m coming back for sure. Also, I agree about Ina’s chicken roasting method. After watching her roast the chicken to make her “new and improved” chicken salad sandwich, I became a convert. It makes a huge difference.

    Keep up the great work. I miss chatting with you……..Mark

    • Jill

      Oh Mark! I miss talking with you,too. I’m sorry you’ve not felt well, but I know you won’t let that stop you.

      What are baking up for Thanksgiving? I know you have something wonderful planned, and I want to know about it!

  • http://N/A Flavio

    Thanks for the recipe Jill! I ate a good meal and didn’t “starve” tonight. But I wish I added lemon or something salsa like on the chicken.

  • Valerie

    The secret to not drying out the chicken is always cook chicken breasts on the bone and with the skin on. You won’t believe how much this improves the flavor and moisture.. It only takes a few seconds to pull off the skin and pull the meat off the bone I’d you prefer to eat it that way. But the flavor is so superior that I never buy boneless, skinless chicken anymore. Bake five or six breats at once and you’ll have meat for the week with no more trouble. The chicken is less expensive to buy this way, as well.

  • http://None Robert Williams

    Just roasted five breasts with skin and bones at 350 degrees. One hour later it’s 117 degrees. Looking for 165 degrees. Looks like about 20 to 40 min’s to go! I got these at Albertsons yesterday. There on sale for a dollar a pound. Cost $5.35 for five half-breasts. They are very big. Can’t wait to suck em up!

    • Jill

      That doesn’t seem right. I’m sorry it took longer than expected, Robert.

  • marybeth

    This is so simple. Perfect every time. Just make sure you buy bone in chicken breast. 40 minutes, no covering and magic~done. Let it rest and serve. I use lemon pepper dry rub!!

  • Jill