Toasted Butternut Squash Seeds


I was prepping a butternut squash and couldn’t bare to toss the seeds.  Especially after the experience of toasting the pumpkin seeds, I couldn’t help wonder if the butternut seeds would be any different or the same. I also wondered why we don’t already eat butternut squash seeds.

So I followed the Roasted Pumpkin Seeds recipe.  I did the same cleaning steps, baking temperature, salted the heck out of them, but only baked them for 5 minutes.

Be warned, they POP!  I think my temperature was a little high. I’m going to knock it back to 300º with this next batch.

To answer my own questions:
Is there any difference?
YES OH YES they ARE tastier than pumpkin seeds! Way better.

Why is it that we don’t eat them all the time already?
I'm guessing it's because we don’t get that many to eat from one squash.

But you know what?  From here on out, I’m taking the extra steps.  It only takes a couple of minutes to heat up the oven and it only takes a minute to rinse them off and salt them down.  AND, And it only takes 5 minutes to toast up this very delicious, overlooked snack!

We have been missing out folks! Well, I.  I've been missing out.

Maybe you’ve known this all along and you were just keeping this secret to yourself.
Is that it?  Is that how you like to play? Oh, I see how it is.  ; )

  • Jo

    These look yummy. I don’t think I’ve ever tried butternut squash seeds! Neato! I will try this myself sometime. Thanks 🙂

  • Looks great Jill, I haven’t tried butternut squash seed! Can’t wait though!

  • The flavor of these butternut squash seeds was much smoother than the toasted pumpkin seeds. The seeds are a lot smaller than the pumpkin seeds. These would be a good alternative to sunflower seeds.

  • MissBlueSky

    I made these tonight. VERY easy, and they’re delicious. Thanks for the recipe!


  • Hi Melissa!
    Did you think they had a better flavor than pumpkins seeds or am I off my rocker?

  • Tom

    This sound great! One question though: do you happen to know how squash seeds compare to pumpkin seeds nutritionally? We all know that pumpkin seeds are a very healthy snack, but I rarely prepare pumpkin in the kitchen. If I can use all the parts of my squash, that woul dmake me very happy!

  • Hi Tom!
    That’s a great question. I’m not a nutritionist so I couldn’t say if they have more or less nutrition.

    However, I do have a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture and can confidently tell you that they are of the same plant family. We commonly call them vegetables, but technically they are fruits.

    In my own understanding, I would think they have the same nutritional value. They are both winter squashes and are commonly clumped together with others, such as butternut and acorn, when nutritional values of their ‘meat’are listed.

  • David

    Butternut squash seeds are totally delicious… way better than pumpkin. Also, I find it improves the flavor further to leave the gunk on (and saves the step of rinsing). Spread them out well and don't leave too much gunk in any one place, and the seeds will roast beautifully. A little safflower, sunflower, or walnut oil along with a bunch of salt also helps.

  • I TOTALLY agree with David!
    I thought maybe it was just me, but I found the butternut squash seed to taste better too.
    Oh ho ho but wait! Have you tried the spaghetti squash seeds, yet?
    Those are just as delicious as the butternut, I kid you not.
    You don't get as many seeds from the spaghetti squash as from the butternut squash.
    But hey, you know how truly simple it is to pop those seeds in the oven. It's totally worth
    to pop those spaghetti squash seeds in and enjoy the snack all for yourself. (I barely shared mine.)

    I will try using a little oil next time. Thank you for the tip!
    What other seeds have you tried that I need to know about?

  • Daniel

    YES! I have known the tasty seeds are something to look forward too.
    Considering the nutritional value and natural medicine. I let the seeds air dry (dry climate makes it easy) and the content of nutrition is much higher by keeping the seeds raw. Heating above 118 deg. F damages the values.

  • Chelsea

    I just stumbled across this post today while making butternut squash chili. I thought the same thing, the seeds look the same but do they taste the same. I can’t wait to bake them and try them myself! Thanks.

    • Since the seeds were smaller, I thought they had a better chew. I prefer them to the larger chewy fiber texture of the pumpkin seeds. Does anyone else agree?

  • Terri

    Besides putting just salt on them, I use a little salt and a little brown sugar…once they’re done, I can’t stop eating them….actually tastes like caramel popcorn, but much better for you….

  • Oh Terri! I’m am definitely trying that next squash I get. Not that I have a problem eating all the seeds. They are very hard to stop eating. And you’re right, far healthier for us all.

    Do you use microwave popcorn or do you buy it by the bag?

  • Laurie

    I was just about to make some soup (butternut squash and roasted peppers) and wondered whether I could toast the seeds like a pumpkin, so I googled and here I am. I usually toast pumpkin seeds with some cumin, but I was thinking of trying a sweet version with brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg.

    I’ll let you know how it goes after I’ve made them 🙂

    • Let me know how they turn out, Laurie!

  • Laurie

    I’ve just made them and they were absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t have any nutmeg in the end (half of my spices got lost when I moved house), so I ended up roasting them with brown sugar, cinnamon, a bit of chili and a bit of salt. The result was divine. Sweet and spicy and salty, and they tasted a bit like popcorn. I even managed to hook the notoriously picky flatmates on them, who had previously looked at the squash as if it was some alien being.

    I can’t believe I’d wasted all those seeds when cooking with butternut squash before! Thanks so much for this lovely page 😀

    • YEAAAH Laurie!
      I know just how you felt, all those seeds we could’ve eaten. Oh but all the seeds we’ll enjoy from now on! ;D
      I’ll have to try my next batch your way. I like sweet & spicy crunchy snacks.

  • Suki

    I made butternut squash for my spouse last night and since I am eating raw foods, I decided to save the seeds and let them air dry. I knew raw pumpkin seeds were fine but never heard of eating seeds from other squash. While the roasting sounds delicious, I can verify that the raw dried seeds are also good.

    • Hi Suki!
      I am very curious about the lifestyle of eating raw foods. Do you have a cookbook you really like to follow? Well, not a COOKbook, but you know what I mean.

  • mitch

    I’ve been cooking roasted squash seeds all my life. I was introduced to these tasty morsels as a child growing up in a mideastern family. I always thought they were pumpmkin seeds, till later on when the man at the mideast store told me they were squash seeds. My problem now is finding raw pumkin seeds to purchase. Any help out there?

  • Melody

    I roasted spaghetti squash seeds for the first time last week and they were tasty! My husband and I tried acorn squash two days ago and I thought to roast the acorn squash seeds as well. I had a little bit extra BBQ sauce, so I mixed a tiny bit of olive oil, BBQ sauce, and a tiny bit of Valentina Mexican Hot Sauce and roasted them that way. They were amazing! I enjoyed the acorn squash seeds more than the spaghetti squash seeds. Tonight I’m baking butternut squash and plan to roast the seeds… here’s to hoping they are as delicious as the other squash seeds I’ve had!

    • Hi Melody!
      I’m intrigued by your idea to use BBQ sauce. How much did you use?

      • Melody

        Hi Jill!

        I didn’t use a lot of BBQ sauce. I didn’t measure it out, but it was probably about 1 Tbsp and 1 tsp (maybe even a touch less…. but I made sure the seeds were all coated very well). I lined the baking sheet with alum. foil and sprayed some Pam (the olive oil one) on it. I put them in the oven for 12 minutes at 275 degrees.

        • Thanks for the tips, Melody! I look forward to trying your recipe out.

  • Todd

    Try sugar pumpkin seeds. They’re much different from pumpkin seeds.

    • I’ve never heard of such a thing, Todd. Thanks for the idea, I will try them.

  • Estee

    Butternut squash is my favorite… & for the first time today I roasted the seeds- SO GOOD.
    I soaked them overnight in salt water and then put them on a baking sheet with a little olive oil at 300 degrees for 13 minutes.. perfect & healthy snack! (*unless you add lots of salt.)

  • Thank you so much for your recipe. I never dreamed that there were other squash seeds to roast other than pumpkin!

    Made a batch of these tonight, and I was bummed there wasn’t more seeds!

    I added a little too much salt for my taste, but I thoroughly enjoyed them! I was not a big fan of pumpkin seeds before, they were too chewy, but these were perfect!

    Thank you!

    • You’re welcome, Debbie! Let me know if your venture to try any other squash seed recipes.

  • Liz

    I used a recipe over thanksgiving that called for boiling the pumpkin seeds for 10 minutes before roasting. It really helped make the pumpkin seeds much less chewy.
    I’m making a batch of butternut squash seeds now, thanks for the idea!

    • Thanks for the tip, Liz!

  • Patti

    I have a probably stupid question. Does one eat squash/pumpkin seeds like sunflower seeds? Meaning, do we bite into the shell to reveal the nut inside and then discard the shell? Thanks so much for answering this question for me!

    • Perfectly sane question. Just like sunflower seeds, you can either bite the shell and eat the nut OR eat the whole seed shell and all.

      I eat the shell and all.

  • Ok guys guess what. I made butternut and kabocha squash and roasted the seeds. I then ground them in my coffee grinder with stevia and carob. Then I added the mix to boiling water with a touch of coconut oil. It was a fabulous coffee substitue.

    • Marilyn Ann Mcafee


    • I completely agree, Linda!

  • KimNB

    What a great idea Jill. I will definitely be trying squash seeds. For those that find pumpkin seeds to chewy; try tossing them in melted butter, salt them and then roast on a cookie sheet until golden brown. The shells will be crunchy instead of chewy.

    • Awesome! Let me know how they turn out for you, KimNB.

  • Oysterclam

    Just did bnut seeds. Minimal salt. Broiler until brown. Tossed. More broiler. Awesome with only a sprinkle of sea salt.

    • I like bnut seeds more than pumpkin seeds. What do you think?

  • jrock

    This is my first time ever cooking butternut squash. And, I wondered if the seeds could be cooked. So, I set them aside and pulled this up on the computer. Yes, I am getting ready to cook the seeds now. Thank you for posting this info.

  • Ineluctable

    If poping is an issue, you take a drying rack (bread) and put over the seeds as they bake. Mine fits over a baking pan well.

  • Zachary

    it is good

  • Ruthie

    Do you have to shell the seeds before eating (like sunflower seeds) ?

  • Roasting butterCUP squash seeds today and popped in to see what you did with yours… I’ve seen 2 recipes with olive oil, what is your take on that? Does it improve the flavor at all?

    • Squash seeds are pretty sticky already and have no problem holding on to spices and seasonings. Adding oil is just adding unwanted calories to a perfectly healthy snack. Skip the oil, lay on the spices and simply enjoy!

    • Hi

      I made these with oil, salt, hot pepirika and sweet pepirika and they were amazing!

      • I dig smoked paprika! Thank you for the great idea!

  • Diane

    I cooked the butternut squash with seeds inside so they are cooked do i still need to roast them

    • You didn’t need to precook them before roasting them. If you want them crunchy then go ahead and roast them, I suppose.