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How Many Garlic Cloves Are in a Head of Garlic?

Have you ever come across a recipe that called for a head of garlic and you only had individual cloves on hand?  This happens to me every time.  I typically have garlic already busted up, peeled and stored in the freezer.  In the past when I’ve busted up garlic bulbs, I’ve forgotten to count the cloves.  Well today, I remembered to count them out.

From a 2 1/2-inch head or bulb of garlic, I counted 11 garlic cloves.  Now you and I both know this is not an exact number, different size heads of garlic will yield a different count.  At least, this gives us a good idea where to start the next time we run across a garlic-laden recipe.

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  • Dixi

    I’m preparing to do a garlic bread recipe that calls to roast the bulb. I had two problems with this. Firs,t I had no idea how many cloves are in a bulb, since I buy cloves that are already peeled and single in a container. The second, I hate to waste 45 minutes worth of elec. on one little bulb. :) So you were a big help with the one problem, and for those having my second problem. I found a recipe to bake single cloves in a single layer w 1 TBSP of oil at 250 degrees for 20 minutes. I’m gonna give that a try. Thanks so much for your help. :)

    • http://www.simpledailyrecipes.com Jill McKeever

      You’ve got me thinking, Dixi. I wonder what would happen if I used the microwave to soften a few garlic cloves without using oil. (I’m trying to eliminate added oils in my cooking.)

    • Marie Roxanne

      I know this is two years ago, but you can also use a toaster oven instead of the range, consumes less electricity and generates less heat.

  • Ray A. Nancarrow


    Your question is have I ever come across a recipe asking for a head of garlic?

    The answer is.

    Beetrot and Leek Soup
    Ray A. Nancarrow