Easy Way to Freeze Mango


My dearest friend,

For years, I've been foolishly buying one or two mangos at a time. Living only in the moment, I have passed up mango sale after mango sale thinking I can only eat so many fresh mangos in a week.  Well a few weeks back, I was shopping the frozen food aisle at Whole Foods Market and noticed a bag of mango chunks. I immediately flashed to all the mangos I could have frozen myself.  OH Darling, I felt so foolish and elated at the same time. I was freed to stock up on mangos to my heart's content.  The thrill of anticipation I felt for the next mango sale.  I would make up for all those lost moments.

Then wouldn't you know, the very next week, I was shopping my local grocery store and lo and behold, the mangos were on sale, Buy One, Get One for 1 cent. WOOHOO!! I went to town!!! Bought 4 produce bags worth.

I didn't bother trying to find the ripe ones, instead, I chose all the firm mangos.  I wanted to give myself a couple of days to watch them ripen. Once they were all ready, I got busy peeling.

It was easier to make long chunks of mango, than bother with making bite size pieces.  I spread the chunks out on a large baking sheet and popped them into the freezer to get solid.  Now I will confess, I forgot all about the mangos and left them exposed in the freezer for several days.  No harm was done, thank goodness.  I transferred the mangos to one-gallon freezer bags and dropped them back into the freezer for our next mango craving day.

It has been such a treat having them on hand. We have enjoyed blending them with a little nondairy milk to make creamy mango ice cream. They're, also, delicious blended with 2 oranges for brain-freezing smoothies.

Well, I better skidaddle.  I hope you find my experience helpful and you're able to put up a batch of mangos for your favorite recipes.