Pressure Cooking Brown Rice in the Instant Pot

WATCH THIS VIDEO to see how I pressure cooked brown rice in my new Instant Pot.

Ever since my 7 in 1 Duo Instant Pot arrived, I have really enjoyed more gaming, watching Tv and working at my desk.  Cooking with the Instant Pot can barely be called 'cooking'.  All I have to do is fill the pot with whatever I'm in the mood to eat, put on the lid, push a button and go back to what I was doing.  I don't have to return to the electric cooker when it's finished cooking because it automatically goes into a Keep Warm mode gaming afterwards.

Some would argue popping a dish in the microwave, closing the door and pushing a button is not cooking. So am I really cooking when I use my electric pressure cooker slash slow cooker slash yogurt maker?

Well anyhoo, let me share with you the uber simple steps to pressure cooking brown rice in the Instant LoL Pot.

To serve four, you'll need 2 cups brown rice and 2 1/2 cups water.

Add rice to the Instant Pot, being careful to remove any stray grains from the top edge of the inner pot. Add water.

Close and lock the lid. Press [Manual] and then use the [-] button to choose 22 minutes pressure cooking time.
When time is up, let the cooker go into "Keep Warm" mode and count 10 minutes. Then press [Cancel] and twist the steam release handle on the lid to "Venting" position.  Be careful some hot steam may escape from the steam release handle.

Brown Rice pressure cooked in Instant Pot