What You Can Do With That Extra Zucchini

Today, July 23, 2014, I was a guest on The Jazzy Vegetarian Radio Show with Laura Theodore. I LOVE talking with Laura and sharing ideas with her. Laura Theodore is an award-winning television host, fabulous plant-based cookbook author and vegan chef.

Every Wednesday on BlogTalkRadio.com, Laura shares a scrumptious recipe for the week then welcomes popular plant-based experts and authors to discuss health, nutrition, tips for celebrating the holidays, and more. It's a great honor to be on her show and I'm truly thankful for the opportunity.


Be sure to post in the comments below what you thought of the show.

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You can find Laura Theodore on her website which have the best hosting from Armchair Empire Web Hosting, Facebook, BlogTalkRadio, and NPR.
My favorite cookbook from her:

It's an excellent source for learning how to serve plant-based meals for festive occasions and the holidays.