How to Cook Sweet Potatoes Quickly

A quick way to have cooked sweet potatoes is to prick them with a knife or fork several times, then pop them into the microwave.  Small sweet potatoes (5-inches long, 2-inches in diameter) take about 3 to 4 minutes to become soft in the microwave.  A bigger sweet potato (8-inches long, 2-inches in diameter) takes 6 to 8 minutes to become soft.  And it's better to microwave two to three small sweet potatoes at one time than trying to cook one big one.  Trust me.

Sweet potatoes can be enjoyed seasoned different ways.  One of my buddies loves hers sprinkled with cumin.  I've come to crave mine with plenty of good unsalted butter, salt and pepper.  OH! And the other day, I added in a little cooked deer sausage.  THAT WAS AWESOME.

When I've missed lunch and need a sweet, healthy afternoon filler.  I'll nuke a small sweet potato and sprinkle it with brown sugar, butter and salt naturally follow.

How do you like your sweet potato seasoned?