Boo! Chocolate Covered Ghost Pretzels for little monsters

You know how you see these holiday specials that show how to make treats for Halloween but they show it to you the DAY before Halloween (I'm not mentioning names...MARTHA!).

Well, how is THAT supposed to help me?  Unlike you (MARTHA!) I don't have 30 yards of muslin, 2 pounds of fresh truffles and a container of edible gold dust in my closet unlike some insanely rich entertaining guru who has a full time staff, show and a magazine but shall remain nameless.

I found these skinnier pretzels. The thick pretzel logs would work fine though.

Ok, ok, parchment or wax paper is technically four things you need.

Yeah, I know we all buy a type of that gel stuff once a year and use only 1/100th of the tube.  So you could totally use chocolate chips, M&M’s, raisins or whatever you have in your cupboard here.  (What UP, Martha!)

Which we totally did.