I CAN Save Money At The Foodie Mart

I will never assume that I am the first to truly discover anything, because King Solomon said, "There is NOTHING new under the sun." There are many who are more knowledgeable than I, and many that just haven't learned what I've learned, yet.

In this article, I recognize that I am my own Queen of Spain AND Columbus all rolled into one.  Within my understanding of what is available to me in this world, I have "discovered" something "new."

particularly in the area of buying spices from the bulk bins section.

My first discovery of this was when I went to buy whole black peppercorns.  At my local grocer, I have no choice but to buy McCormick Tellicherry Black Peppercorns and pay $5.76 for 1.87 ounces. Ouch. Of course, I'm sorta numb to that pain, because buying spices has always been expensive.  But you know, with such prices, it makes it very discouraging to try out new spices.  I don't want to get stuck with a bunch of expensive undesirable herbs or spices, constantly pushin'em around in the cabinet having them remind of me the money I wasted.  I already have a cosmetic drawer that does that.

Where was I?  Oh yea the peppercorns. Ok so, when I finally walked into the closest foodie mart and shopped their bulk bins section.  I discovered I could buy 1 pound of black peppercorns for $7.99, that's .499375 cents per ounce. Ok let's see, McCormick's 1.87 ounces times .499375 cents equals 93 cents.

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Hmmm...should I keep paying $5.76 for 1.87 ounces or start paying $0.93?

Another sweet benefit, unlike online spice buying, I DON'T HAVE TO buy a full pound to save money or save on shipping.  I buy just what I need and no more. Sweet, huh?


  • I can actually SMELL the herbs & spices FIRST and decide before I buy.
  • At the foodie mart I prefer, there's an employee on duty that ENCOURAGES ME to TASTE the products.
  • I can buy a tablespoons worth of spice if that's all I want.
  • I can buy a pound if that's what I need.
  • I can EXPLORE the possibilities, discover the differences or lacking qualities of herbs and spices without cluttering up my spice cabinet.
  • I can EXPLORE the possibilities, discover the differences or lacking qualities of herbs and spices within my financial means.

Now the only draw back, and I hardly consider this to be a real draw back, is not having enough airtight containers for storing.  I happen to have a problem with throwing away perfectly good empty spice jars. I can't throw them away; I let them collect up in that one cabinet filled with "Just in case" and "once in a blue moon" kitchen items.


  • New Mexico Chili Pepper Powder .21# for $1.05
  • Ground Cumin Seed .14# for $0.91
  • Smoked Hot Spanish Paprika .02# for $0.26
  • Whole Greek Oregano .06# for $0.40
  • Whole Mexican Oregano .08# for $0.30
  • Italian Seasoning .04# for $0.22
  • Pumpkin Pie Spice .04# for $0.20
  • Yakima Applewood Smoked Sea Salt .08# for $0.88
  • Saltworks Fusion Salt-Espresso .04# for $0.76

Some of you might know that I don't live anywhere near the foodie mart.  It actually takes an hour and a half to drive there. Yes, you could argue that the price of gas should be factored into the price spent on the spices.  And I would agree if it were the ONLY reason I drove into Dallas, but it wasn't the only stop.

I was patient, built a list (what to buy & what I wanted to explore).  I waited until my girlfriend could come with me.  We made it a day of shopping together and saved each other on gas. We have seen some
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If you haven't ventured into a foodie mart or never considered buying herbs and spices from the bulk bins, I encourage you to give it a whirl.

I can't say you'll save money anywhere else in the foodie mart.  I haven't made those discoveries, yet.