Toasted Butternut Squash Seeds


I was prepping a butternut squash and couldn’t bare to toss the seeds.  Especially after the experience of toasting the pumpkin seeds, I couldn’t help wonder if the butternut seeds would be any different or the same. I also wondered why we don’t already eat butternut squash seeds.

So I followed the Roasted Pumpkin Seeds recipe.  I did the same cleaning steps, baking temperature, salted the heck out of them, but only baked them for 5 minutes.

Be warned, they POP!  I think my temperature was a little high. I’m going to knock it back to 300º with this next batch.

To answer my own questions:
Is there any difference?
YES OH YES they ARE tastier than pumpkin seeds! Way better.

Why is it that we don’t eat them all the time already?
I'm guessing it's because we don’t get that many to eat from one squash.

But you know what?  From here on out, I’m taking the extra steps.  It only takes a couple of minutes to heat up the oven and it only takes a minute to rinse them off and salt them down.  AND, And it only takes 5 minutes to toast up this very delicious, overlooked snack!

We have been missing out folks! Well, I.  I've been missing out.

Maybe you’ve known this all along and you were just keeping this secret to yourself.
Is that it?  Is that how you like to play? Oh, I see how it is.  ; )