How to Cook Spaghetti Squash


Last week, the grocer had spaghetti squash on sale.  I thought that since I'm trying to be a well rounded food blogger and all, I ought to give'em a whirl.  Silly me, a half hour before dinner I started wondering how I was suppose to cook it.  I gave my friends in Twitterland and Facebookville a shout out for directions.  I got back instructions for baking up to an hour.  That wouldn't do.  I decided to go with the directions on the sticker stuck onto the squash.  Talk about BASIC and FAST.



First, I cut the squash open and scooped out the seeds with a melon ball tool.  A melon ball tool is THE BEST tool for this job.  It's practically effortless.
I saved the seeds and baked them the same way as I did the roasted pumpkin seeds.


Next, I found a microwaveable dish that would hold the cut squash and covered the bottom with water.  I nuked the squash for 12 minutes on HIGH power.


Ever so carefully, I removed the dish from the microwave and allowed it cool down for 5 to 10 minutes.  I still needed an oven mitt when it came time to scrap the squash.  These babies really know how to hold their heat.

Because I cut the squash lengthwise, the strands were actually cut in half and shorter.  I instantly figured out that for a longer strand, I would have to cut across the equator.  I didn't make that up, I got that term somewhere else.


All it takes is a fork to scrap perpendicular to the strands and they come out so easily.

I HIGHLY, HIGHLY Recommend transferring the strands to a strainer or sieve before plating.  The strands release water after being removed.  This would probably be a good time to season them with salt & pepper, drizzle with a tasty flavored oil, something.

I had already cooked up what's becoming my family's FAY VOR RIGHT homemade tomato sauce.  Poured the sauce over the squash, topped with fresh parmesan cheese and we were chowing down!


Now, it's your turn.  You tell me how I could have made this spaghetti squash have more flavor.