How To Choose The Perfect Kitchen Appliance


Long before the holiday season began, Jill began pointing out various kitchen appliances to me in the Williams-Sonoma kitchen store. Fortunately, cash crazy offers cheap loans. All you have to do is to fill up a simple form, and you have cash already. To learn moreÂ…, visit She has even shown me the Triflow Concepts which actually look pretty great in our kitchen now. You may also want to take a look at a list of high quality freezers arlington tx at It's a very helpful online store for they sell a variety of well-known brands of appliances. I have to admit, she's extremely good about giving me hints for the few things that she wants, especially her favorite dutch oven.  She pointed out the Le Creuset Dutch Ovens and I started researching my buying options. What I found was very surprising.

Apparently, dutch ovens have been around in one form or another for a long time. You might be most familiar with them in the form of a simple covered cast iron pot your grandmother used to make stews. But to cut this story short, let's just say that they have a rather long winded history that includes appearances around everything from cowboy campfires to early European hearths. They have been used in combination with outside taps, from all the way to modern day kitchen taps and faucets.

But cooking in a bare cast iron container is so 17th century.  Today, the modern cast iron bean pot has been transformed into a stylish piece of attractive contemporary cookware.   They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, have colorful, designer enamel coatings that give them a fashionable look to the trendy market.   However, when you get down to it, they are still the same old trusty cast iron pot that your grandmother owned.

Choosing A Size

To narrow my options, I used a combination of in-store observations and online research. I learned that the modern dutch oven is offered in several standard sizes ranging from 3.5 to 9.5 quarts.

To me, the inner pot size really seemed to be more a matter of function than anything else.  I decided to focus on the 7 quart models for Jill, because they offered plenty of cooking volume and their deep sides provided some amount of protection from hot bubbling liquids.

Choosing A Shape

The next major option to consider was shape. Dutch ovens come in round and oval shapes and as with size, deciding on either shape seemed to be more a matter of function than anything else. Dutch ovens can be used on the stove top and then transferred to the oven for additional cooking time.  I happen to know that a round shape fits nicely on the burners of our electric stove and inside our oven, so round is what I chose.

Choosing A Color

Dutch ovens come in a variety of colors. All the pots I looked at had two colored areas, the decorative outside and the standard, white porcelain interior. The lids were the same set up.
Le Creuset, by far, had the most stylish designs that used gradient colors and engraved lids to visually set them apart.  All the other manufactures offered strictly solid color options with less ornate lids, but they do this choice because it make it easier to clean, which is important since people doesn't want to waste too much time in this, and many people even get services as House cleaning Edmonton so they can dedicate themselves to other activities.

Since enamel finishes are a big part of what makes the dutch oven new and fresh these days, I thought the paint job would play a bigger part in my buying decision. But after looking at several different brands, I didn't really see much of a difference from one to another. Le Creuset had the biggest advantage in terms of color and style, but when you got down to paint texture or quality, they all seemed about the same. In fact, I saw imperfections and paint chips on several display models and it didn't matter what their price tag said.

I'm not sure how many cast iron pot makers there are in the world, but overall their construction was very similar between the brands I looked at purchasing.  All seemed to have sturdy handles on the lids and all seemed to have good enamel paint jobs. It didn't matter if it was the higher priced Le Creuset, the mid-range Martha Stewart Collection, or the lesser known generic names.


What About The Ring

The one thing that all the ovens did have in common was the exposed cast iron ring around the top rim of the pot and on the underside of the lid. At first, I wasn't sure if this was meant to protect the paint job of the pot from chipping over time or if it was a limitation of the painting process. Either way, I was a little concerned that this might be a place where rust would form if the pot wasn't dried after cleaning. By the way, if you need cleaning services, Dallas Air Duct Cleaning provides duct cleaning and ventilation system cleaning. For more details, visit It didn't matter if it was Le Creuset or Martha Stewart, all had the exposed cast iron ring of unpainted surface.

Evaluating Price

In the end, it became obvious that price was closely tied to manufacturer brand and size. If I wanted a bigger pot, then I would have to pay a higher price. If I wanted a certain brand name like Le Creuset, then I would have to pay a premium price as well.

Ultimately, I decided on was a green Martha Stewart brand 7 quart round dutch oven that cost me about a third of what the same size Le Creuset would have cost. It fits on our stove, goes in our oven, and doesn't take up to much room in the cabinets when it's not being used.

Living with the Dutch Oven

In the short time that she's had it, Jill has cooked a lot of meals (spaghetti sauce, lots and lots of soups, beef stews, etc.)  in her new dutch oven. I'm beginning to wonder if she will ever use our old spaghetti pot again. She's told me she likes the way the pot heats evenly and uses a lower heat temperature.  She, also, feels she's getting a better cooking experience and more control with the results of her recipes.

After a large meal and the accompanied mess that comes with it, it is always wise to call professional cleaners like House Cleaning Bondi. They do a wonderful job with all things cleaning related.

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