My First Cooking Demonstration

Simple Daily Recipes first-cooking-demo-04182009

It's rare of me to make personal journal posts on Simple Daily Recipes, however, I REALLY wanted to share some photos with y'all.

A few weeks back the City Manager of Sulphur Springs, Marc Maxwell CALLED ME asking if I would do a cooking demonstration for our local Main Street Farmer's Market.  As maturely and calmly as I could, I said "YES!" It wasn't until I hung up with Marc that I remembered - I can't cook and talk at the same time!  Oh pickles!

Marc asked if I would bake Spinach Feta Bread on location and fill the air with fresh baked bread.  This particular recipe would bring attention to the vendors selling spinach and homemade feta cheese.  Again, I said, "Sure!"

This was such an opportunity for me and  You see, YOU know of me, but my own home town doesn't have a clue I'm here.  This was my chance to get the word out around town.

Seeing how I've NEVER cooked in public before, especially baking bread outdoors, I called on my facebook friend and cookbook co-author of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, Zoe Francois, for help.  Zoe was a real sweetheart, giving advice and support with every question that came to my mind.  Zoe advised me to bake loaves ahead of time, then warm them on location to have ready to give out as samples.  She's so smart.

Four days before kick off, I quickly learned how to calculate large amounts of ingredients and determine my expenses.  I created a classy looking flyer that promoted Simple Daily Recipes and sent it off for printing.

Three days before, I made all the doughs.  Besides Spinach Feta Bread, I prepared the Onion Rye Bread on page 63 of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day(That was an excellent choice!)


The day before the cooking demonstration was baking day.  I started at 7:30 in the morning and finished packing up everything by 8 0'clock that evening.  I ended up with 18 loaves of Spinach Feta and uh, I think 14 loaves of Onion Rye.


Packed and ready for the Main Street Farmer's Market.


I can confidently say that I can make bread with my eyes closed now.  And it's no problem Showing others how easy it is to make Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.

I had a wonderful time at the Main Street Farmer's Market.  My dearest friend, Kim Sellers (shown in first photo), stayed by my side.  Kim was an excellent promoter.  She's the Nutritionist at the local hospital and knew most of the people walking by.  When I would finish demonstrating the bread, Kim would step in and talk about the food blog.  It was as if we rehearsed, yet we had not considered one word. Totally smooth, full on smokin'!

Folks crowded around the booth, drawn by the aroma of fresh bread, excited to taste the crispy loaves.  I talked and baked and talked and baked and talked some more.  So many good people, friendly faces, and all happy to learn of  It was a fantastic experience that I will never forget.

I cannot close without saying thank you to Charles and John, our dear husbands.  They took turns watching all the kids while Kim & I rocked the farmer's market.  THANK YOU Charles & John!