From Raw to Roasted Shelled Pumpkin Seeds


Have you ever picked something new at the grocery store that was too interesting to pass up, then after you got home, you thought, "Now how do I cook it?"

Last week, I couldn't resist buying a scoop of raw pumpkin seeds from the nearest foodie mart dry bulk bin section. (I always save money in that section.)  It wasn't until I was ready to mix them into a batch of Fresh N Fruity Oatmeal Bread that I realized the seeds had to be toasted first.  Uh, and at what temperature and for how long?  I had to go blind on this one and just take a good guess.  After 7 minutes in the oven, SUCCESS was MINE, ALL MINE!  Bwa-Hahaha!

Heat the oven to 375ºF.  Spread the raw pumpkin seeds flat on a cookie sheet.  Bake for 5 to 7 minutes, until lightly golden.  If the seeds start popping like popcorn, turn down the oven temperature by 25 degrees.

Simple Daily Recipes' roasted-pumpkin-seeds

Their toasty taste doesn't ask for any seasonings, not even salt.  I couldn't help eat a few handfuls before adding them into my bread dough.  I thought they tasted better than sunflower seeds.  And I wouldn't hesitate to buy them again just to have around for snacking.  Give them a try and see what you think.