Gouda Cheese & Macaroni

gouda macaroni

A simple, easy recipe that makes the perfect comfort meal.

This meal was inspired by two very fun bloggers I happen to admire, Chef John at FoodWishes.com and Mimi at 1700 Miles of Cooking. Cheese sauces are a challenge for me. I haven't perfected the balance of a creamy texture that tastes light. I've almost got it, but I believe it takes practice and just the right ratio of cheese and milk.

I will admit it out loud. I like Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, the Thick-n-Creamy style, not the regular. Since eating the Thick-n-Creamy style, I can't go back. My family is accustomed to it, we all love it made with 4 tablespoons of real butter and 1 cup 2% milk. I'm trying to wean us off the box, but it's not easy when I can't get the cheese sauce right.

It's hard to turn my family onto healthy, natural flavors when we've all grown up on the instant box stuff. Even for me, it's hard not to compare what I've grown up loving to what is better for me to eat. And I don't even want to start discussing why my 40 year body can't process food like it did when it was 25. Damn you slowing metabolic cycle!

AnyHOO! If you're hankering homemade macaroni and cheese, follow Chef John's cooking video on making a cheese sauce and get inspired by Mimi's recipe like I did. I'm pretty happy with the way mine turned out and I'm encouraged to keep experimenting with different cheeses to find that perfect balance.