Pam Professional High Heat Cooking Spray

Some time back, I was given a chance to sample Pam Professional High Heat cooking spray. I thought, "Sure. Why not? I doubt I'll notice anything special. It's probably just another cooking spray."


The first thing I noticed after baking with it was that it didn't "gum" up on my baking pan. The excess spray just sat beaded on top like water, waiting for me to wipe it away.

That led to my second discovery; the ease of wiping away the baked on food residue. All I needed was a paper towel. No scrubbing powders, no sitting in hot water for a few minutes, nothing like that at all.

AFTER cooking those meatloaf muffins.

Here's my muffin pan AFTER cooking meatloaf muffins. It looks like a brand new pan, doesn't it?