Easy Beans

Easy beans bookcoverEasy Beans by Trish Ross has well over 100 fast and delicious recipes for beans, peas and lentils.  I use this book regularly for inspiration, as well as learning a fresh way to prepare beans.

Easy Beans offers a nutritional chart for those that like to keep track, and covers soaking & cooking methods, bean companions and clearing the air.

Recipes covered: Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Main Dishes and Vegetables & Side Dishes.

Through out the book, we are given the option of using canned beans or cooking up a fresh pot.  Quite a few times, there is the recipe to cook a large pot of beans then follows with a variety of meals that can be made from them.  I like that, don't you?

Recipes inspired by this book or flat out copied that I have posted :

Buy this book and you'll always know what to make with those beans in the pantry or leftover in the fridge.

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Easy Beans by Trish Ross