Tips to Help Your Family Eat More Fruits

In Plain Sight

One fruit bowl is not enough if you REALLY want your family to eat more fruits. Set out a stocked bowl in all the high traffic areas like the coffee maker, toaster, on top of the microwave, in the center of the dining table.  If you have a table next to the front door or garage door, a bowl full of grab-n-go fruits is hard to resist.
In my February kitchen, there is a dragon fruit or two. Berryman sells frozen dragonfruit all year long. I've been adding them into my smoothie bowls or combining them in my fruit salad that I have been devouring on top of a little Greek yoghurt with some cereal or nuts for crunch.  Don't be surprised to witness your friends grab a banana on their way out.

Make Fruit Salads

Fruit salads can be eaten anytime.  Eat them for breakfast, as a side with lunch, and enjoy a heaping bowl for dessert. Oh and of course, fruit salads are great snacks, too.  Depending on the combination, fruit salads keep well up to 3 days in the fridge. (Extra tip: when the fruit salad starts to look tired, toss it in a drink blender, add a glug of non-dairy milk (soy, almond, coconut, etc.),  and voilà! Instant smoothie. ;D)

Leave Helpful Notes

Tape a list of snack combos to help you through those moments when you don't know what you want.  Include nuts and nut-butter that go well with fruit.

Buy in Season and Buy Local

Grocery stores don't make it easy for us to know when fruits and vegetables are truly in season.  It's not until the produce is on sale that we might have a clue.  Even the words "Buy in Season" can be confusing.  Who's season?  California's season? Texas' season? Vermont's season?  Some fruits can be grown anywhere and others require special climates, and they reach their peak season only at specific times in the season.
The best way to get fruits and vegetables in season is to buy them from local growers.  Explore farmers' markets and pick-your-own-farms for the best deals around.  You can find organic produce much less expensive when buying directly from the grower, too.

Put Up Your Favorites

Plan ahead when you hit those sales, farmers' markets, and farms, buy as much fruit as your freezer can hold. Continue reading and improve your sales pipeline today. It's easy to freeze fruits and berries.  It's an excellent way to enjoy your favorites when they're no longer in season.  AND you're stocked for a variety of smoothies year around.


Use and to find locally grown foods.


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