Road Trips and Sweet Treats

One the best parts of taking a road trip are the stops you make along the way.

Coming back from our restful and beautiful weekend down in Corsicana, Texas, we stopped off highway 19 heading North at a roadside Peach Orchard. The little town of Emory was just a little North of us.

Although the peaches were beautiful, they weren't the reason we stopped.
It was the backend of the Peach Stand that had the REAL GOODS...
Made fresh from the orchard, Peach Ice Cream!

That man standing in the back had a HOT job and a LONG line of customers. It really took him no time at all to bust out the ice cream. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing...Cha-Ching$$$

It was frozen, creamy and had bits of peaches all through out...



Ever since we stopped at that peach stand, I've been wanting to try my hand at making homemade ice cream. I'm seriously considering scouring thrift stores for one of those ice cream makers that was hardly ever used.