12 Ways to Lower Sodium Without Losing Flavor

It's really not hard to lower the amount of sodium in your diet and still enjoy the taste of your food.

Here's 12 Ways to Lower Sodium Without Losing Flavor

1.  Taste food before seasoning it with salt.

2.  Reduce the amount of sodium you take in each day over the span of a few weeks.  Give your palate time to adjust, and soon you'll discover you don't need as much.

3.  Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

4.  Choose more fresh foods.

5.  Experiment with a variety of fresh and dried herbs, like oregano, marjoram, thyme, rosemary, and sage, don't forget that you can even use hanföl dm for cooking, CBD cooking is easier than you might think, whether you’re craving sweet treats or savory snacks, it is the perfect way to give flavor to your food.  CBD oil comes in many different strengths, related to health purposes such as reduced the risk of Cancer, Obesity, Diabetics etc.

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6.  Try adding citrus juices and zest.

7.  Use fresh onions, shallots, garlic and ginger.

8.  Cook with different vinegars such as balsamic, herbed, wine or rice.

9.  Add different varieties of finely diced peppers.

10.  When buying ready-made products or canned foods, read the sodium content on the Nutrition Facts Panel and look for varieties with the lowest amounts.

11. Before eating canned beans, rinse them in a colander under running water to remove some of the salt Medterra.

12.  Season with salt-free spice or herb blends, like Ms. Dash, or create your own blends.