Become a Supportive Friend


One on One Coaching for Living a Plant-based Lifestyle
Supportive friends have access to one-on-one coaching for living a plant-based lifestyle.

Do you need coaching? 
If you're a newbie, an individual who doesn't eat particularly well and is ready to make some serious changes, then you're in a safe place here.

Are you already a vegetarian but knows there's another level you want to reach?

Are you already living the plant-based lifestyle but you've hit a snag somewhere along the way (losing weight, dealing with unsupportive family and friends)?

Perhaps you're living the whole food plant-based life and everything's hunky-dory.  You don't need coaching so much as you're simply looking for more inspiring recipes, need help substituting ingredients, researching recipes, and you love the way I make you laugh.

My Recipe Box
Save time looking up recipes by collecting all your favorite SDR recipes to your personal recipe box. No more searching around for that forgotten delicious dish that was such a big hit with your family or co-workers. Just one click and it’s saved in your own recipe page. Lean into being the plant-based recipe hoarder that you are deep down.

Cookbooks are a great way to learn different styles of cooking.  From time to time, book publishers pass along extra copies of new cookbooks to giveaway to lucky readers.  When these opportunities arise, supporting friends are the first to know.