Ingredient: filtered water

Vietnamese Cinnamon Banana Smoothie

My Dearest Smoothie-Lovin Friend, You have GOT to get your hands on some Vietnamese Cinnamon! I found some in the bulk spice section of H.E.B. Central Market. My aunt found a bottle from McCormick’s at Krogers. So, it’s not a totally rare item.  This stuff is cinnamon on steroids. It makes regular cinnamon smell like […]

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Non-dairy Chocolate Pudding

This is my first non-dairy chocolate pudding made with silken tofu.  I LOVE IT!!!  The dark chocolate and sweet dates completely mask any evidence that tofu resides in this recipe.  The chia seeds, however, do lend their mild earthy flavor.  So, if you don’t care for chia seeds, cut the quality in half or omit […]

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