Ingredient: unsweetened non-dairy milk

Protein Pumped Pumpkin Smoothie

Want more out of your morning smoothie?  Try this protein pumped pumpkin smoothie, which is one of the best meal replacement drinks; it’s as if you’re drinking a pumpkin pie. CAUTION: Drinking truly healthy smoothies is addictive.  Will cause you to have longer lasting energy, and feel good about yourself, which in turn leads to […]

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Green Cherry Malt

This may sound like a strange combination, but trust me, it’s wonderfully sweet.  The frozen, sweet cherries and cashews together make this smoothie taste like a cherry malt. I kid you not.  The banana lends its smooth thick texture and the spinach is only noticeable by its color.

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Walnut Smoothie with Bananas & Blueberries

Walnut Smoothies are my favorite breakfast drink. Bananas are a perfect match with walnuts for a creamy base and I can always have it cold thanks to the best portable ice maker that I got online.  You can top them with just about any fruit and get a new flavor each time.  Try this fruity […]

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