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Simple Daily Recipes is an online resource for health conscious men and women wanting dependably delicious recipes that fit their busy lifestyles. With its ever growing emphasis on eating a diet centered around plant-based nutrition, Simple Daily Recipes' audience has grown 77% over the past twelve months. If you want to get best blogs related to men's health then just Check this out.

For the first time in five and half years, general audience network ads are gone. To provide a higher standard to our readers, Simple Daily Recipes must feature companies and products sought out by educated, health minded, eco-aware consumers.

It's not just the recipes, the Simple Daily Recipes community actively interact through the website and across popular social media (Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, etc...) to discuss their favorite products and support one another. You will get here kicksta reviewed which is useful in your social media traffic boosting tools.  Simple Daily Recipes readers are tuned into their environment, expect a higher standard, and are willing to share what they know with their friends.

Why Partner with Simple Daily Recipes?

1. It's on the forefront of a rapidly growing health focused movement centered on plant-based nutrition.

2. It's community supported through groups, social media and video broadcasting.

3. It's open & friendly environment makes it the perfect locality to feature your company.

To discuss partnership opportunities contact: Jill McKeever at [email protected] or PH.903-243-4746.


Site Stats & Social Network Activity

Site Stats Overall

2,000,000 Page Views
1,100,000 Visitors
200,000 Returning Visitors


200,000 Page Views
140,000 Visitors
18,000 Returning Visitors

Social Media

7,600+  Facebook Fans & Friends
900+  Twitter Followers
2.1k+  Pinterest Followers

Video Broadcasting

675K+  YouTube Video Views
9K+   YouTube Subscribers



77% Female (34% = 25-44 years, 23% = 45-64 years)

23% Male (14% = 25-54 years)

55% No Kids
45% Has Kids

51% College Graduates
16% Grad School

47%   $0 - 50,000
31%   $50,000 - 100,000
14%   $100,000 - 150,000


To discuss partnership opportunities, contact:

Jill McKeever
[email protected]