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Black Eye Peas, Carrots and Collards

This is one of my family’s  favorite plant-based meals.  We have it once a week, well actually twice a week.  My husband and I enjoy the leftovers for lunch.  Anyhoo.  I typically whip up black eye peas, carrots and collards in the pressure cooker.  I’ve had several folks ask me how to make the wonderful […]

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Black Eye Peas, Carrots and Collards from a Pressure Cooker

I made something very similar to this not too long ago, but it didn’t have carrots in it.  Oh let me tell you, my friend, carrots with black eye peas, onions and collard greens are a match made in heaven.  A cornbread pancake on the side makes the meal just that much more fun.  My […]

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PB&Q: Pea, Beans and Quinoa Salad

I’m teaching myself to make more quinoa recipes for my family.  Quinoa is pretty tasty; it reminds me of rice, but it’s not a starch.  It’s a protein.  It can turn a simple side salad recipe into a light dinner. I pulled this light dinner recipe into existence with leftover black eye peas, black beans, […]

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