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Supreme Layered Bean and Veggie Enchiladas

I called these Supreme Bean and Veggie Enchiladas for a reason.  My family CHOWED DOWN on these bad boys in a matter of minutes.  They were fun to eat, too, I must admit.  It was like we had our own Tex-Mex pizzas.  When you look closely at the photo above, you’ll see two supremes without […]

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Peasant Soup

With a name like Peasant Soup, this recipe has got to be simple to cook.  Right?  Right! This chunky, broth soup is light and filling all at the same time.  I’ve never eaten such a flavorful soup made with so many budget friendly ingredients. HERE’S ALL IT TAKES makes about 6 servings 2 to 3 […]

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Leftover Potatoes and Broccoli

Sometimes there’s too much of one leftover.  Do you get that occasionally?  Last week’s party left us with a bit too much mashed potatoes to eat.  I started our nights of leftovers with this recipe.  It’s so super simple, I almost didn’t post it.  However, it was tasty, comforting, nutritious, and my kids ate it […]

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