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Spinach Hummus Tostadas

I posted this photo on facebook and someone commented that I should be careful eating outside. Apparently, I got grass on my lunch. Hardy har har. Spinach Hummus Tostadas are this week’s lunch wonder hit.  I totally dig the warm, crispy whole wheat tortilla and spinach hummus together topped with zesty onion, bright cherry tomatoes […]

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Hot Hummus Sandwich on Toasted Rye

It might look weird, but it sure tastes great! For veggie lovers only. ;D HERE’S ALL IT TAKES 2 slices Rye bread, toasted well 2-3 tablespoons hummus, warmed 1 mushroom, sliced baby spinach leaves I don’t really have to tell you how to build a sandwich. Do I? If you look closely at the photos, you’ll […]

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Crunchy Veggie Wraps

Imagine a toasty warm tortilla, smeared with garlicky hummus, filled with thinly sliced crispy, fresh cabbage, green bell pepper, carrot, cucumber, mushrooms, green onion, and a few black beans.  OH SO GOOD! Charlie and I have had these crunchy veggie wraps for lunch three times this week.  They seriously ROCK!  You should have seen us.  Charlie was making grunting […]

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