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Corn and Quinoa Salad with Lemony Mint Dressing

This incredibly fresh and scrumptious salad recipe comes out of the cookbook, DISHING UP MARYLAND by Lucie Snodgrass.  Each bite starts with a zippy lemon twang, which is mellowed by the hint of honey, then finishes with a mild, refreshing mint flavor.  The corn, onions and quinoa have a satisfying mouthfeel that keeps you scooping […]

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How to Dry Lemon Zest

Have you ever squeezed a bunch of lemons then wondered what to do with all the leftover skins?  I mean, there on the counter is a heaping pile of lemon zest with no where to go.  It breaks my heart.  I squeeze my brain wondering what could I possibly do to save all that potential.  […]

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Creamy Lemon Oat Bars

You may as well double this recipe when you make these creamy morsels of goodness. Notice that crunchy, granola crust on the bottom? See that soft, crumbly, granola topping clinging on to the lemony cream center? I’m telling you right now, double up, because these creamy lemon oat bars won’t last long. HERE’S ALL IT […]

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