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Chickpeas and Lentils Lunch Salad

This Chickpeas and Lentils Lunch Salad recipe is one of my favorite vegetarian recipes.  It really hits the spot when you’re so hungry you could eat a horse.  If you have any leftover rice or quinoa, toss it in and you’ll have a well rounded meal in a bowl. Like all great salads, this healthy […]

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Spanish Lentils Cooked My Way

Lentils are relatively a new thing for me.  I’ve known of them for years, and off and on I’ve tried lentil recipes that worked out.  My biggest problem with them is getting the texture right.  I don’t care for the blown out, mushy results I typically get when I cook up a bag.  I’ve told myself every […]

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Brown Rice and Spanish Lentils Salad

If you like salads with a tangy dressing, this brown rice and lentil recipe is right up your alley.  My husband was all over this dish and went back for seconds. Try this whole foods plant-based recipe and let me know what you think. before telling the recipe I must tell you Rice can either […]

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