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Kim’s Coleslaw Salad

Instead of the traditional mayonnaise-based dressing, Kim’s Coleslaw Salad uses oil & vinegar with a touch of sugar.  It’s zesty, fresh, crunchy and hard to stop eating.  This particular recipe is a BIG HIT for potluck meals.  Kim has told me that even when she has doubled the recipe for parties, hoping to bring home […]

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Traditional Coleslaw

“Coleslaw” comes from the Dutch koolsla, from kool cabbage + sla salad.  Defined as a simple salad made from sliced cabbage, but we all KNOW it’s not THAT simple, don’t we? Oh sure, slicing up the cabbage is easy.  Creating the dressing is the hard part!  Getting that balance of creamy, tangy sweetness to moisten […]

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