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Randy’s Purple Hull Peas with Collards

Last night, I felt like eating something down-home and simple.  I searched through the freezer and found a couple of bags of Purple Hull Peas.  These were not just any old peas from the store.  They were special.  These peas came from my neighbor’s garden last summer.  My sweet neighbor-friend, Randy, LOVED sharing his garden […]

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Quick White Bean Soup

This Quick White Bean Soup recipe is super healthy for you and it will fill you up!  The combination of flavors, white beans, spinach, green onions, tomatoes, and pepperoncini peppers floating in a bowl of vegetable broth, is outstanding.  OH! And it freezes well, too. HERE’S ALL IT TAKES makes enough to feed 6 with a […]

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Red Bean Gumbo Recipe

I will admit, OUT LOUD, in front of everybody, that I don’t like typical gumbo recipes.  I’ve eaten only two bowls in my life that weren’t drowning in a layer of oil. Thankfully, this delightful red bean gumbo recipe I have before you is nothing like the meaty gumbo versions.  This vegetarian gumbo doesn’t need […]

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