Sauces, Soy Curls, B12 and Funny Stuff

Published on June 12, 2015 by Jill McKeever

During live mobile broadcasts, Simple Daily Recipes followers ask me just about anything and I give a completely honest answer every time. Even if the answer exposes my imperfections, I'll still share it.

Here are the minute markers for
Salads, B12, Soy Curls and Funny Stuff

1:44 Discussing Cheese Sauces
3:38 Stressing what to take to Omni-family gathering
5:01 Shredding soy curls
6:55 How I came up with Creamy Soy Curls Alfredo
9:54 Making cauliflower cream sauce
10:30 What do soy curls taste like
11:51 Where do you buy soy curls?
12:61 Putting cole slaw on BBQ sandwiches
13:47 We’re potato salad eaters
14:29 Getting My Vitamin D
15:20 Speaking of vitamins, “Do you or your family take B12?”
16:04 Confession: We eat cereal before bedtime.
17:10 “What is your favorite cereal?”
18:50 I have 2 Japanese Sweet Potatoes
20:04 I wish we lived right next to each other
21:56 Omnivores are stubborn.
22:38 Don't do drugs.

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