Lindsay Nixon Tackles Serious Questions From Concerned Readers

This month, we're celebrating Lindsay Nixon's newest cookbook,
HAPPY HERBIVORE Light & Lean. Ask anyone who owns a copy, Lindsay has outdone herself this time. HAPPY HERBIVORE Light & Lean has got to be the BEST cookbook Lindsay has published in the Happy Herbivore series. Her biggest fans are already asking, "What will she publish next that could possibly top this book?"
In the meantime, we will cook and nosh our way through HH Light & Lean.

Simple Daily Recipes is honored to be part of the HH Light & Lean blog tour . As a bonus, I (Jill McKeever) asked SDR followers to send me their questions about health, cooking, and nutrition for  our Q&A with Lindsay. In return, I would put their name in my magic hat for a chance to win a copy of HH Light & Lean. Who won?


And now for those serious questions from concerned Simple Daily Recipes readers...

Q&A with Lindsay Nixon the Happy Herbivore

Barbara asked, "How can weight loss surgery patients get all the necessary protein on a vegetarian diet?"

Lindsay Nixon: We need very little protein per day, less than 10% of our calories. Individuals who have had weight-loss surgery have to eat different volumes of food, but even still, all nutritionally needs can be met, and often more easily. I have worked with two people who went plant-based post weight loss surgery with great results. Both also seemed to reach goals faster than other patients, and had quicker recovery times.

David asked,: "How do you ensure you get the correct balance and quantity of the 10 essential amino acids that the human body cannot make?"

LM: First, you don't need to "balance" anything. Eat plant foods, your body does all the math for you. The idea vegans or vegetarians, need to pair or balance or combine things is a myth. You just need to eat plant foods. Your body will do the rest, including converting omega's as necessary. For more information, see this Q&A with Dr. Esselstyn

Alina asked, "I HATE to cook (and don't have that much time), which is a problem when you are WFPB. She advocates cooking all your meals for the week in one day, but I can't imagine the food tasting good after one week in the fridge. Does she have any tips for preserving the quality and taste of the food you have cooked for the week? Thanks :)"

LM: For those who hate to cook, and don't have much time, I can't advocate the cooking 1x a week enough. It's what the vast majority of our clients do on the meal plans (http://www.getmealplans.com) with great success. Most recipes, the flavor only IMPROVES with age, as the flavors continue to meld together. Stored properly, food will taste just as good, if not better, in a few days, or even at the end of the week. Thousands of people do it each week and love it—try it and see!

Amanda asked, "I would ask her what are her favorite recipes that she doubles or triples up on to freeze and reheat later-sometimes that can be a great time saver but the food doesn't always turn out freezing and reheating like that. Which ones work for her? I LOVE her books btw. So easy and tasty. Great stuff!"

LM: Asking a chef to pick a favorite recipe is like asking a parent to pick a favorite child. Except when writing cookbooks, I follow my meal plans strictly (http://www.getmealplans.com), taking a day or so off here and there to work in recipes from my cookbooks. I don't freeze anything, but I do make everything for the week ahead, as the meal plans are designed for.

Connie asked, "How do you explain your plant based diet to those who think you are crazy for not eating meat?"

LM: It depends on the listener—there is no one-size fits all approach. I blogged about this on happyherbivore.com, with tips on how to talk to people, and with different approaches. Lindsay Nixon, Happy Herbivore

Shontae asked, "For Lindsay: I know that water is best to drink but what are some healthy alternatives when you get tired of drinking plain water?

LM: Herbal tea.

Emily asked, "I do not have a sweet tooth and am able to resist desserts with ease. But there are about three days a month (and I'm betting you can guess why) where there is not enough chocolate in the world to satisfy my cravings! For someone who rarely eats sweets, I don't know of any good alternatives to help me survive those three days!"

LM: Frozen fruit.

Anna asked, "What is the best exercise for weight loss?"

LM: Diet is the "secret ingredient" for weight-loss. What you put in your body matters 100x more than what you do with it physically. Of course, I don't want to discourage movement, because musculoskeletal health is important independent of weight-loss (or weight maintenance goals). However, hitting the gym for 2 hours matters little if the diet is not right and in many cases, exercise, especially extreme exercise, can inhibit weight-loss, especially if the underlying diet is not correct (i.e. you could deplete your glycogen). I've worked with 100s of clients who lost significant weight WITHOUT exercising -- except for moderate walking as part of their daily life. (I talk more about this in the book). All that said, no one exercise is superior. Activity is activity. You can't "spot train" i.e. if you want  abs just do situps. You have to reduce overall body fat through diet. When clients ask me what's "best" in terms of exercise I tell them, best is whatever you LIKE to do.  Doing something you like means you're more likely to do it, so that's the best factor.


Try on this new recipe from HAPPY HERBIVORE light & lean:

Blueberry Yogurt Muffins