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How To Freeze Peaches and How To Peel Frozen Peaches

frozen-peach-puree on Simple Daily Recipes

A city-dwelling locavore walks into a country store to buy fresh produce and starts eyeing a small box of peaches.  The wise farm matron behind the counter says to the city slicker, "I could make you a REAL good deal on some #2 peaches, half a bushel for $18.00."  The small box of peaches was going for $10/box and maybe had 10 to 12 peaches inside.

Well, thinking that was a GREAT DEAL, the city slicker asked the farmer, "What are #2 peaches?"

The farmer explained that those are peaches that are ripe and ready to put up, but too ripe to make it to the  grocery store shelf.  Or, the peach has a soft spot or brown spot and the grocery store won't take them.  They're all good to eat; washed and ready, perfect for freezing or baking, but can't go to the chain stores.

To which the eager city dweller replied, "I'll take a whole box!"

Then the wise woman surprised the locavore.  She said, "You know you can freeze those peaches WHOLE?"


"Oh yea, Honey, all you have to do is lay'em on a sheet pan and let'em get rock hard in the freezer.  Then you bag'em up and keep'em frozen 'til you're ready to use them.  Now to peel the skins off, all you have to do is run'em under cold water and the skin pulls right off the peach.  Don't let them thaw!  Work with them frozen; it's easier to peel and cut them up that way."

"Will do, ma'am.  Thank you!" said the city slicker.


So let me tell ya, a half bushel of peaches is A LOT, A LOT, A LOT of peaches.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?  The box was very deceiving.  It didn't look that big, but the number of peaches it could hold was surprising.  I quickly ran out of sheet pans and had to rearrange my freezers' shelves to get the peaches all in the freezer just so.

What am going to do with all those peaches?  Well, I've been dreaming about that since the ride home from the farm.  I'll definitely make peach cobbler; it's our absolute favorite way to eat peaches.  I'll make peach bellini drinks, and smoothies for breakfast. And I'll have to try my hand at peach ice cream, most certainly.  But first, I couldn't wait to test out the farmer's technique of peeling frozen peaches.

how to peel frozen-peaches on Simple Daily Recipes

I got out enough peaches to make a batch of peach breakfast smoothies.  Ran one peach at a time under cold water, broke the skin and it just came off.  EASIER THAN A BANDAID!  Whole sides of skin came off in one piece.  NO KNIFE NEEDED.  Well, except when I needed to cut them up into chunks.


If I hadn't been so fascinated with trying to take off the entire peel at once, I know the process of removing the skins would have been much faster.  Like a kid, I was having fun.  I went on to cut up the peaches into chunks and hit them with my handy dandy hand blender.


The results left me with a the smoothest frozen delight I didn't expect.  The consistency was that of sherbet and it was great eating it all natural.

When I made the breakfast smoothies, I used a 1 to 1 ratio of organic vanilla yogurt and frozen peach puree. Then, added enough milk to make the mix drinkable through a straw.  The kiddos slurped them up faster than it took to make them.

Have you ever heard of freezing peaches whole before now?

  • What a great tip — I’ve used the same technique for freezing cherry and grape tomatoes, but never peaches. You’re gonna be in peach heaven!

    • Thank you, Alanna!

      I am in peach heaven. So far, the kids keeps asking for peach smoothies for breakfast. In this Texas Summer heat, they’re great!

  • Pam

    Thanks so much for the tip! We’re near Austin and our peach tree finally produced this year. Peaches all over the kitchen… I read about this method on another website, but it was very vague. Thanks for being so clear with your instructions AND your enthusiasm. I’m going to try this today!

  • Sheila

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I have tons of peaches from my CSA and no time to preserve them all. I can’t wait to start this process tonight!

    Did you wash and dry them before freezing?

    • Jill

      Hi Sheila!

      No, I didn’t wash them first. When you take them out of the freezer, you’ll end up running them under cold water to remove the skin.

  • Erin

    When I puree peaches I just cut them in half and use my Victorio. It will seperate the skins for you. It is soooo simple and easy. You can find the older Victorios on ebay for not much. Very much worth the investment for pureeing any type of fruit. Oh a side note, my husband attaches his drill so we don’t have to hand crank the machine.

  • Lutishia

    Thanks so much for the excellent information. I froze a tray of peaches last night and just tried removing the skin from my first one and was WONDERFUL. I just have a couple of questions. You mentioned cutting the peaches into chunks so I was curious if you cut them while they were frozen or if you thawed them an if you thawed them how you do that. Also, how long will the peaches keep in the freezer when they are frozen like this?

    • Once they’re frozen, Lutishia, put them in a bag, just for extra protection. My peaches kept well for 7 months, that’s how long it took us to eat them up. ;D

    • I cut the peaches while they’re frozen. Be careful, they are very slippery. I used a paring knife to cut away the chunks from the stone.

  • Michele

    I was curious too about how well this method would work. I tried this weekend, and the peelings came right just like you said. Now I can freeze the rest of the peaches that I don’t have time to pickle or make jam. Thank goodness I have a big deep freezer. The Chilton County Alabama peaches are very good this year too.

    • Thank you for the recipe praise, Michele! Now, you should know those frozen peaches will only be good for cobblers, pie, any baking, smoothies, ice cream or making quick freezer jam. The freezer time breaks down the peach flesh just enough that they can’t be pickled.

  • Susan

    Thank you for directions for easily peeling a peach. You’re wonderful!

    • I’m thrilled to be of help in your kitchen, Susan.

  • Crystal

    Thank you so much for the great idea! I just bought a half bushel and am taking the ripest ones to make a pie and freeze whole. I love the idea of getting multiple uses. I am going to slice and freeze some sliced as well. And of course, there is peach chutney and preserves I will have to try my hand at. 🙂

    • You’re welcome, Crystal!
      I’ve never tried peach chutney. Do you have a recipe you like to use? I’d love to try it.

  • Julie

    I have 6 bags of frozen peaches, I want to make some jam. Can you tell me how to do that with the frozen peaches?

    • Julie, I’ve been told by more experienced canners that we can’t make jam from frozen peaches. We make jams and jellies when the peaches are fresh picked. However, frozen peaches are still great for ice cream, smoothies and baking.

    • Oh yeah! Angela, I have bag of peach puree ice cubes in the freezer right now. When the kids want ice cream, I put those cubes through my masticating juicer and voila! ice cream in minutes.
      For the cubes, I pureed an electric pitcherful of sliced peaches, 2 teaspoon ground cinnamon, 2 tablespoon maple syrup, and 2 cups non-dairy milk (soy, almond, coconut, etc.). Pour the liquid in ice trays and set them in the freezer to freeze. Later, I popped out the cubes and stored them in a freezer bag. One pitcherful filled 4 ice trays.

  • PaperDollyGirl

    I am trying this tonight! I had one and a half bushels of peaches. Canned a few quarts, made lots of oven-roasted peach butter, two kinds of jam, and peach salsa. And I still have about 20 lbs. left that I will not be getting to tonight. Now I have hope instead of letting them rot, I can freeze them!

    • Awesome! I’m glad I helped you out in the kitchen!

    • I’m so glad you get to sleep, Jena!

    • Great tips, Sandra! THANK YOU

    • A HUNDRED QUARTS?! WOWIE ZOWIE!! I bow to your awesomeness. ;D
      I just made frozen peach & cherry smoothies this morning. SO GOOD. I’m with you, freezing is much easier than canning. I save my canning powers for jams, jellies and veggies.

  • Wawa

    Hope this works better than the yolk sucking thing

  • apriltaylor

    Thanks for sharing this info. I had a few questions.

    The first is that I’ve heard that leaving the pit in peaches when you can or freeze them can cause them to be bitter. I was wondering if you experienced that at all?
    The second is I was wondering how well the peach pieces hold up after you cut them from the frozen peach. I plan to mostly use my frozen peach for cobblers and pies, so I need them to stay firm enough to handle cooking.

    • Hi April, I kept the peaches in the freezer long enough for them to freeze solid, a day. Then I peeled and cut them up to be sealed in freezer bags. Unfortunately, they don’t hold up that well for pies & cobblers. I ended up using them to make ice cream and smoothies.

  • fiorastar

    We found your suggestion here last year, and, being ever skeptical but also quite hopeful, I tried about a quarter of my peaches this way. The rest got blanched and frozen with juice/vit c powder the usual way. what a lot of work! And the whole peaches simply frozen came out wonderful! I love the way the skin just slides off, and then y ou have a hard, frozen peach easy to cut right in your hand. I’ll never freeze peaches any other way!
    Thank you! (freezing a whole case of peaches today–a year later–we just stuck the whole case in our freezer and will then go back to put them in bags)

    • So glad to know it worked out for you. I learned that freezing tip from a wise women who operated a fruit orchard. She seem to know what she was talking about. ;D