Rice Crispy Sweet Treats

Rice Crispy Sweet Treats


My son requested rice crispy treats for his 8th birthday party.  I realize this recipe is on every rice cereal box and marshmallow bag known to man, and I'm not here to post a new twist on a old recipe.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

However, I have a problem with all the ways this recipe is written.  I've never been able to remember the ratio of butter to marshmallow to rice cereal.  I have multiple rice crispy treat recipes in my recipe binder.  Their ratios are all different and for no reason that I can understand.  It's as if this recipe is SO simple that recipe writers feel they need to make it complicated somehow.

Anyhoo.  I purchased a generic brand of puffed rice cereal. Feeling too lazy to pull down my recipe binder, I decided to just read their "marshmallow crunchies" recipe written on the side of the box.  The generic recipe called for all but 2 tablespoons of butter, all but 6 ounces of the marshmallows in my bag, and all but 3 ounces of the cereal in the box.  WHY? What am I suppose to do with 3 ounces of bland rice cereal and a handful of marshmallows? Save them for the next batch of treats I make?  We would have to make 5 batches of rice treats to have enough leftovers to make a whole batch.

That's when I lost it.  I threw out ALL those silly rice treat recipes.  "NO MORE!" I said.  "I'm gonna make these treats in a way that I CAN REMEMBER, dag nabbit!"


  • 1 stick of butter
  • 1 bag of marshmallows
  • 1 average size box (+/-13 oz.) rice cereal

Spray a half sheet pan, large pot, and a rubber spatula with nonstick cooking spray.  Melt a WHOLE STICK of butter in the LARGE pot over medium low to medium heat.  Pour in an ENTIRE BAG of marshmallows; stir until most all the marshmallows are melted; remove from heat.

Pour the ENTIRE BOX of rice cereal into pot; use the rubber spatula to fold into melted marshmallows.  Empty the rice cereal mixture onto the half sheet.


If you have them, put on a pair of powder free latex gloves.  (Like the kind you find in a pharmacy.)  Spray nonstick cooking spray on the gloves, and rub on like you do hand lotion.  Now you're ready to shape the rice treats into the pan.
Rice Crispy Sweet Treats

Gently press rice mixture into the pan, spreading it evenly. If you have any on hand, this is a great time to sprinkle on candy decorations.  Allow to cool completely BEFORE cutting.  I even spray my cutting utensil with nonstick spray before cutting.  Cut into squares, use a biscuit cutter, or use your favorite cookie cutter shapes.  Whatever suits your fancy!



  • They are a guilty pleasure, but I LOVE rice krispie treats! And I haven’t made them in ages. Your post reminded me how good they are – so my hubby will have these this weekend!

  • I love to spoil the neighborhood kids and make a batch from time to time.
    It’s really an economical way to feed a bunch a kids.

  • amy

    Well, Jill, I wish I was your neighbor too…..Do you like to spoil the local neighborhood adults as well……How’s the housing market next door to you?…..Just wondering out loud..:)

    These look yummy!

    I like the gloves tip….last time I made these, I had to take a bath right after. (I didn’t put it in my post yesterday, but I am very messy and clumsy.) But don’t tell anybody.

    Have a good day!
    (Oh, by the way, I sent my mom to your site yesterday…She was salivating over all your recipes.) 🙂


  • I came up with a healthy version of this recipe. My kids and husband are gobbling them up. So am I. ;D
    I call them

    Healthy Rice Crispy Oat Bars. Go check out the recipe and let me know what you think.

  • Roman Godman

    thanks for recipe, was looking a cheap alternative to stores marshmallow bars, cus they are too small and costly. Interesting, but those bars are perfect as a pre workout component of a meal, since they have lots of complex carbs and a bit of sugar.

  • Important Info

    Ok, can’t resist. While I agree your hands inside bags makes the pressing easier, they need to be vinyl food grade. Latex, which is medical grade, is not food safe. I know you’d think it’d be the other way like all squares are rectangular, it’s more like a square and triangle. Different surface properties. If the only gloves you have are latex, you can ger the same result with oiled plastic bags or ingrates sandwich bag mittens.

    And please please, if you make them with latex gloves on, do NOT take them to a potluck to share, or send them to school with your kid. You’d be amazed how many resaurants I’ve left in an ambulance in full anaphylaxis, because the manage who said they use vinyl gloves was either lying to get business, or didn’t consider the latex ones the dish washers wear. Latex gloves are dipped latex, which is the form of rubber that gives off its allergenic protein most easily.

    So please don’t help your kids develop latex allergy, or kill someone in your social group because you didn’t realize they have a severe latex allergy. We don’t walk around with our medical history on our sleeves.

    • Thank you for the information. I had no idea.

    • Miss_Pshaw

      This is SO IMPORTANT the recipe should be altered to remove any mention of using Latex gloves.