Keeping Homebaked Breads Fresh


I discovered a great way to keep my fresh baked breads from drying out while recycling plastic at the same time!

The grocer had the large Earthbound Farm spinach containers on sale the other week.  It was a great sale so I stocked up knowing I could blanch and freeze the spinach for baking Spinach Bread, quiche or adding to my breakfast sandwich.  After the containers were emptied, I couldn't bring myself to toss them away.  The lids held well and the container was the length of a small loaf of bread.  The container is made with a thin plastic that can crumple easy, but it's not so flimsy that it's annoying.  As you can see from the photo above, they hold up to stacking even filled with delicious Buttermilk Bread loaves.

Caring for these plastic container is easy.
Hand wash with hot soapy water, rinse, and dip into a bleach water solution for up to 2 minutes, then allow to air dry.

  • Amanda

    Excellent idea Jill! Going to check out your Buttermilk Bread now :)

  • Jill

    We are loving the Buttermilk Bread as a sandwich bread. My picky eater has increased her PB&J intake since I’ve been baking it. That can only mean one thing, it’s REALLY GOOD bread.

  • Ben

    I love this idea! Now I need to go buy some spinach.

  • Pat

    the buttermilk bread is our favorite. I use part of the dough to make the “Judy’s board of directors’ cinnamon-raisan bread”,it is the best raisan bread ever,we always toast it, and it costs so much less than store bought. I will check out those plastic containers and see if it works for us. Thanks for the tip!

    • Jill

      Oh Pat, that buttermilk bread and cinnamon-raisin bread ROCKS our world, too. It is the best bread EVER, especially toasted.

      I love how it can be crispy on the outside with an almost creamy crumb texture on the inside. Would you say I’m describing that right?

  • Matthew

    Great idea! Now just need to find some spinach on sale!

  • [email protected]

    I always hate throwing those away but was never sure what to do with them! I will definitely keep this in mind.

    • Jill

      These plastic containers are holding up quite well to all the washing and use.

  • http://yahoo cindy

    i love this idea thanx jill…

    • Jill

      You’re welcome Cindy!

  • Mary Alice

    I bought the spinach-lettuce mix in those same plastic containers and re-used them by chopping up all my lettuce so it would be ready for salad making.

    • Jill

      Hi Mary Alice!
      I used one of these containers to carry a fruit salad to a dinner party. It’s not a fancy container by any means, but I knew the hostess would have her own serving bowl she wanted to use for the occasion. Anyhoo. She tried to keep my container! She thought it was such a good idea, she was going to keep it.