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Attention All Great Cooks

Join the Great Cooks Blogroll, a growing list of food blogs that serves as a resource for anyone looking for meal ideas, creative cooking techniques, or to meet other Great Cooks. If you own a blog about food, recipes, cooking, baking, restaurant reviews, etc., this blogroll is perfect for you!

The Great Cooks Blogroll widget is designed to be placed on the sidebar on the home page of the food blog. When it’s placed in a highly visible area, readers can explore other food blogs without ever leaving the blog they are on.

Great Cooks Blogroll promotes food blogs to over 40,000 visitors per month and that’s just from this blog alone. Imagine the traffic your blog will get from all the other Great Cooks Member’s visitors seeing your name on the list.


  1. You must have a food related blog, 80% of articles about food, recipes, cooking, baking, food photography, food news, etc.
  2. Blogs that have been up and running for at least THREE MONTHS , are updated frequently, and have original content.
  3. Do not submit splogs (spam blogs) created only for displaying Google or other types of ads. If we don’t get the sense that there is a “real” person creating the blog it won’t be approved.
  4. You must display the blogroll widget in a sidebar on the home page of your blog where it can be seen.
  5. After you install the blogroll widget, write a post about your membership in the Great Cooks Blogroll, with a link back to GreatCooksBlogroll.com. With your enthusiasm and creative writing style, it will lead more readers and food bloggers to and through the blogroll. The more food bloggers you encourage to get the widget, the more your blog is listed on other sites. As readers discover the buzz about Great Cooks Blogroll, they will explore the list and find you. This is a key step to the growth of the blogroll, it affects every blogger on the blogroll.

How To Join:
There is a one time listing fee of $13.00 USD that must be paid prior to being added to the blogroll. Provide your blog name and address below and click the Pay Now button to pay securely using PayPal. You don’t have to have a PayPal account to make a payment through PayPal.

Next you will be walked through our automated process to get a copy of the blogroll widget code for your blog. Once the widget is on your blog, your request will be reviewed for approval. You will receive an email confirmation when the review process is complete.

All Blogs are reviewed for approval.
We make no guarantee that your blog will be listed and if your blog is
not approved we will not charge you the one time listing fee of $13.00 USD.

You’re already a Great Cook, join us in sharing your talents with others and driving more readers back to your food blog!

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We reserve the right to choose which blogs we include in the Great Cooks Blogroll. Our goal is to showcase blogs that are well written (or have good photography or videos), updated consistently and a unique point of view. We do not include blogs that are pornographic (sexy is fine), are splogs (spam blogs) or are just about the advertising.